Thursday, June 28, 2012

DUO THURSDAYS: Denim and Denim

Hello everyone! It's Duo Thursdays again! For this week I decided to tag along Katrina Alcazar with me with the theme: Denim on Denim

For Kat: Thrifted Denim Polo, Denim Skirt from her Lola

And now here's what I wore for Duo Thursday.

Bowler Hat from Divisoria, Denim polo from Forever 21, Tailored denim shorts, Sneakers from Topman

Watch out again next week for Duo Thursdays! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fasyown Mondays 6/25/2012

Here are the photos of what we wore last Monday in school.
 Lia Amper

Fashion mondays are not limited to us 5 only! Well in fact we would like to encourage Benildeans to join us every Monday 1-2:30PM in 6th floor (This is where we shoot our outfits). Join us!!!!! See you!

Photos and layout by Tris Flores

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Another chill day in school as it reflects on my outfit. Just wore an aztec print polo shirt given by my friend and jeans because I was lazy the whole day! On a lighter note, we found this cute chair in our cafeteria so we took the opportunity to have my outfit photo taken on it. 

Details of my aztec polo shirt.

Jeans from GAP and Sneakers from Topman 

Decided to smile on my outfit photos on this post since I noticed I frown all the time and giving maangas poses on my previous posts. (Hehe!)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


So I decided to feature people with the same theme of my outfit. So starting every Thursday I'll ask a friend to wear something with the same feel or theme as mine then feature them on my blog.

The first feature for DUO thursdays is Tristan Flores with the theme--PLAID.

Here are his photos...

For Tris: Plaid shirt and V-neck shirt from Forever 21, Shorts from H&M, Shoes from Vans

Details of his Plaid Shirt

So here are my photos....

Plaid shirt from Forever 21, Jeans from Penshoppe
Shoes from Topman

Waiting for someone LOL!

Details of my plaid shirt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is what I'm doing all day-- Reading articles about our report for CATHWOR tomorrow. I'm so tired even though I didn't stay long outside. After my 8-9:40am class, my only class for the day, I went home straight and started reading the articles for our report since I was challenged to be very prepared and answer all the questions of my professor. Read almost 20 pages of different articles about a single topic and revised our powerpoint presentation 12 times! Imagine me lying the whole day in my bed being such a nerd to do this school work! =))) 

Btw, it's my first time to blog about non-fashion post. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Chill

It was faszhown mondays again! This time is kinda chill day for me because of my schedule, it's my first time to have a free long break since I have no meeting for any commitment yesterday. After my 8-9:40 class I went home to sleep and do school stuff, then went back to Taft for my 6-9PM class. 

People thought it will rain so hard yesterday so most of us, especially SDA students wore their best rainy day outfits but sad to say it didn't rain all day! boo weather! But anyways here's what I wore yesterday!

Shirt from Pull and Bear, Jacket from Forever 21, bag from Adidas

So for those who are asking me yesterday about where did I get my jacket, I got it from Forever 21 ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Must Haves: June and July

So since I already started blogging, I want to share you guys my must haves this month til July. How I wish I earn money already so that I could buy these in just a snap! But oh well! Here are my fashion must haves for June and July.

Pink Cotton and Linen Blazer (Zara)

Deep Green Skinny Chinos (Topman)

Linen Bandana Bermudas (Zara)

Polka dots Long sleeves shirt (UNSCHLD)
 Floral DM orginal reinvented (Dr. Martens)

 Pop Quiz bag (Herschel)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soldier feel

Sorry for this late blog post again. Yesterday I wore something soldier feel outfit to school. It was raining so hard that I feel so lazy to go out the whole morning but good thing it became sunny in the afternoon. Very perfect for an outfit post! So I grabbed the opportunity to take photos of my outfit and went out to the streets! 

Shirt from Kenneth Cole Reaction, Jeans w/ green colored lining from Zara. 8-hole boots from Doc Martens.

I so love my pants because of the colored lining. Very perfect for mid-cut boots well in fact you don't actually need to tuck your pants in your socks anymore to have a fashzown-effect.

Photos by: Tris Flores

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laid back Monday

It's faszhown mondays again! This time I decided to go laid back coz the weather is kinda bipolar.

Thrifted Button down shirt, Jeans from Oxygen, sneakers from Topman and rucksack from Regatta.

Exposure of Staedtler HB2 pencil and Pilot retractable ballpen with the design of my polo. hehe

Photos by: Tris Flores

At last!

After 4 years of having a blogger account I finally decided to settle down in my own blogspot. I decided to name my blog "The Contemporary C", according to the dictionary or if you google it, contemporary is an adjective word which means happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time.Just like in this blog you'll get to read different entries about me and update on the things I'm currently doing in life. You'll also have a glimpse on the things I really enjoy doing the most-- ART (Fashion,Film,Photography and Theater).

Hope you'll enjoy reading the rest of my blog! 


"The Contemporary C"