Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Great start

Hello guys! Its Monday again....Fashion Mondays, start of another week in school.
You know what, I have this habit already that I should start my school week wearing something that I think I would feel confident and also comfortable--Fasyown! So this is what I decided to wear for a long and busy day in school.

White polo from Wall Street (SM Department Store), Bag from an Airline (hahahaha!), Shorts and shoes from Topman

Tied a bandana on my sling bag for an epek hahaha! 

Feather bracelet from Folded and Hung

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello guys! Yesterday's theme was something what you wore when you feel lazy dressing up because you only have one class for that day or you need to do lots of errands. For this week's duo thursday feature friend is none other than Ryan Santiago. He actually told me that he only have 1 class for that day so he suggested to have a comfortable outfit and well as he have said in his blog, (http://ryansantiago.blogspot.com) we wore a homeless/hobo outfit yesterday.

What I wore: Jacket from Mental, Shirt from Topman, Shorts from Divisoria, Slip ons from Crocs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fashion Mondays 07/09/2012

Hooray for a bigger group this week! 

Calling all Benildeans! Share your style to the cyberworld! 1-2:30PM Every Mondays at the 6th floor of SDA Building. Let's meet and have some funnnnnnn!!!!!!

Tristan Flores

Ryan Santiago

Jamela Isip
Lia Amper

Chin Mercado (DLSU-Manila)

Josh Joven

Jocel Flores

 Gerard Lopez

Robert Valdellon

Zedrik Tandoc

Here's what I wore for this week's Fashion Mondays.

It's funny coz believe it or not I got my shirt from SM Supermarket. That really proves that fashion is everywhere! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shirt from SM Supermarket, Drop crotch sweatpants from Zara, Sneakers from Topman

Photos and layout by Tris Flores

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Pj!

Yesterday, after I watched the premiere night of Sir Emerson Reyes' MNL143 I went straight to my friend, PJ's 21st birthday/ Graduation Party in Aracama, The Fort. (Great food,drinks and ambiance btw!) 

Had an awesome night with OCA family!!

Me with the birthday boy!!!! Pj Endrinal 


 Thank you Pj! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!! >:D<

Photos from Pj's camera

Friday, July 6, 2012


I am so excited for this year's Cinemalaya! Now I have more time and I am now accessible to CCP I guarantee that I'll watch all the films and actually planning to get a festival pass this year. Well let me share you the entry that really caught my attention and I merely cried watching the trailer.

The film I'm talking about is Direk Jun Lana's entry for Cinemalaya Director's Showcase, Bwakaw

Trailer of the film:

I never expected to get free passes from the Director itself. I just tweeted about it then he gave me tickets! Thank you direk hope to meet you soon!

So guys! See you on July 29 for the Gala premiere of Bwakaw and of course see you in Cinemalaya 2012. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DUO THURSDAYS: earth tone

So for this week's theme for Duo Thursdays is earth tone and I tagged along my friend, John Paul Laureola

What I wore: Polo shirt from Zara, Tailored shorts, Cardigan from h&m, Brogues from Traffic


Btw, earth tones are colors ranging from color palette of brownstansgreysgreensorangeswhitesblues and some reds

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashion Mondays: 07/2/2012

It's Fashion (fasyown) Mondays once again and this time we invited Dani Barretto to join us for the shoot. Dani tweeted about this activity and a frosh came over to join us (yey!).We saw 2 other batch mates so we let them join the shoot too! So next monday we expect more people to join us 
(1-2:30PM SDA 6th floor)See you guys there!

Tris Flores 

Lia Amper

Hi Jocel Flores! ID112(ABMMA)
Hi Dani Lopez!!! ID111(ABMMA)

The Dani Barretto ID 112 (ABDFDM)! 
The birthday girl, Jaja Isip
Kat Alcazar 
Hi Paolo Bermal!!! ID111 (ABMP)

Ryan Santiago 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tips in studying for exams!

Well it has been almost 1 year since I entered college and I must say its more fun and easy to study for exams. I just wanna share how I study for my midterm exams and final exams which I find it very convenient and effective. 

Tip # 1
RELY ON YOUR OWN NOTES. In college, professors are fond of having powerpoint presentations and discussing them slide by slide. This may be convenient for us because we don't need to copy notes anymore but relying on the files of the powerpoint presentations may have a tendency to become lazy to understand the whole essence of the lesson and just memorize word by word and term by term. So I encourage you to write your own notes in your own way! 

Tip # 2
DON'T STUDY WHEN YOU ARE TIRED. Don't force yourself to study when your body seeks for a rest. Take a nap or do any activity that you think would relax you for awhile and would boost your energy to study for the exams.

Tip # 3
FIND YOUR PLACE. Study area are not restricted to library only, well there are lots of places where you could study. All you need to do is find a place where you can concentrate and would not be distracted to anything. In my case, I find easy to study in LRC Extension in the Taft Campus of CSB, I find the ambiance of the library conducive in studying. (Because of the scent and the wooden tables and chairs! lol!)

Tip # 4
DON'T STUDY 1 HOUR BEFORE EXAM. I tried studying until the proctor says to keep the notes hoping to have few points to remember for the exams. Well it didn't work for me and instead I just panicked and almost forgot the things I studied. Try to relax and do normal things one hour before your test in that way you give your brain cells a rest. (lollllllers)

Tip # 5
DON'T OVER THINK. If you know you don't need to study for that subject because you already know the lessons or the subject itself just requires common sense to answer the exams don't!!! Instead focus on your other subjects.

Hope these 5 tips would help you in studying for your exams! Who knows I might see your name on the Dean's list?