Monday, July 2, 2012

Tips in studying for exams!

Well it has been almost 1 year since I entered college and I must say its more fun and easy to study for exams. I just wanna share how I study for my midterm exams and final exams which I find it very convenient and effective. 

Tip # 1
RELY ON YOUR OWN NOTES. In college, professors are fond of having powerpoint presentations and discussing them slide by slide. This may be convenient for us because we don't need to copy notes anymore but relying on the files of the powerpoint presentations may have a tendency to become lazy to understand the whole essence of the lesson and just memorize word by word and term by term. So I encourage you to write your own notes in your own way! 

Tip # 2
DON'T STUDY WHEN YOU ARE TIRED. Don't force yourself to study when your body seeks for a rest. Take a nap or do any activity that you think would relax you for awhile and would boost your energy to study for the exams.

Tip # 3
FIND YOUR PLACE. Study area are not restricted to library only, well there are lots of places where you could study. All you need to do is find a place where you can concentrate and would not be distracted to anything. In my case, I find easy to study in LRC Extension in the Taft Campus of CSB, I find the ambiance of the library conducive in studying. (Because of the scent and the wooden tables and chairs! lol!)

Tip # 4
DON'T STUDY 1 HOUR BEFORE EXAM. I tried studying until the proctor says to keep the notes hoping to have few points to remember for the exams. Well it didn't work for me and instead I just panicked and almost forgot the things I studied. Try to relax and do normal things one hour before your test in that way you give your brain cells a rest. (lollllllers)

Tip # 5
DON'T OVER THINK. If you know you don't need to study for that subject because you already know the lessons or the subject itself just requires common sense to answer the exams don't!!! Instead focus on your other subjects.

Hope these 5 tips would help you in studying for your exams! Who knows I might see your name on the Dean's list? 


Lemuel Urieta said...

This is so helpful! Thanks Carl! I love your blog! I used to follow you on tumblr before :-)

Carl Chavez said...

Oh hi!!! Thanks Lemuel! Oh really? I moved to a bigger and better site. Btw, I hope the tips would help you reviewing for our exams!