Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashion Mondays: 07/2/2012

It's Fashion (fasyown) Mondays once again and this time we invited Dani Barretto to join us for the shoot. Dani tweeted about this activity and a frosh came over to join us (yey!).We saw 2 other batch mates so we let them join the shoot too! So next monday we expect more people to join us 
(1-2:30PM SDA 6th floor)See you guys there!

Tris Flores 

Lia Amper

Hi Jocel Flores! ID112(ABMMA)
Hi Dani Lopez!!! ID111(ABMMA)

The Dani Barretto ID 112 (ABDFDM)! 
The birthday girl, Jaja Isip
Kat Alcazar 
Hi Paolo Bermal!!! ID111 (ABMP)

Ryan Santiago 

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